Reiki Workshops and Initiations






In a Reiki attunement, or initiation, energies are channelled from the Reiki Master/Teacher to the Student. This happens by the teacher channeling the Reiki energies, and opening the student’s chakras and placing specific sacred symbols in the chakras. Often the student feels significant flows of energy during the initiation, and experiences great physical and spiritual changes in the weeks after.

I find that I am often also given other energies to channel specifically for the student, this makes the initiations a profound spiritual experience. These energies bring about deep healing and insight for the student, and generally accelerates their spiritual growth. For this reason, most of my workshops are one on one.

After the initiation past issues and old energies can be released in profound ways, each student experiences this differently. In the Reiki 1 workshop I take time to make sure the student understands how these changes might be felt so that they are not a surprise, or disturbing to the student. Because the student’s spiritual growth is usually accelerated, and some people have physical and spiritual challenges and changes, I usually set an integration period of a minimum of 28 days between the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 initiations. I discuss with each student when they will be spiritually, energetically and physically ready before going ahead with the next level of initiation.

I attune students to Reiki 3 after a minimum of 11 to 12 months after the Reiki 1 attunement. Though people who have spent many years on their own spiritual growth and development may integrate the new energies quite easily, most people need this length of time to be ready to receive and integrate the higher energies and frequencies that come with the Master/Teacher level of Reiki. I offer ongoing support to students by phone or email to help them through what, for some people, can be a tumultuous time. I am happy to discuss these issues by phone – 0488 175 055.

Reiki 1 and 2 workshops are 5 hours in duration

The student learns about the body, its energy systems, self-healing, how to give a healing and, in Reiki 2, sacred symbols are taught.

Master/Teacher (Reiki 3) Workshops are 3 hours in duration

In this class the ethical components of Reiki are taught and the student is given further sacred symbols.  After this stage of learning the student becomes a Reiki Master.

At each workshop the student receives a manual, their Reiki lineage which can be traced back to Dr Usui, and a Certificate. A light vegetarian lunch is provided during each workshop.

Syllabus for Reiki workshops  –

First Degree Reiki

  1. Your Reiki Lineage
  2. The History of Reiki
  3. The Five Precepts of Reiki
  4. The Principles of Reiki
  5. Chakras, the body and healing
  6. Understanding the body’s energy
  7. Meditation
  8. Attunement to the First Degree of Reiki
  9. Hand positions for self-healing
  10. Hand positions for healing a partner
  11. Manual – Reiki 1
  12. Bibliography for further study
  13. Reiki First Degree Certificate

Second Degree Reiki

  1. Your Reiki Lineage
  2. Energy bodies
  3. Distance healing
  4. Attunement to the Second Degree of Reiki
  5. Reiki 2 Symbols
  6. Practice distance healing
  7. Manual – Reiki 2
  8. Reiki Second Degree Certificate

Third Degree Reiki

  1. Your Reiki Lineage
  2. Attunement to the Third Degree, Master Level, of Reiki
  3. Reiki 3 Symbols
  4. Additional symbols used in attunements to Reiki
  5. Practice attuning another person to Reiki
  6. Practicing Reiki professionally?
  7. Manual – Reiki 3
  8. Reiki Master Certificate

All workshops and initiations are available by distance via Skype.

People attuned to Reiki are eligible to become members of Reiki Australia. Please be aware, though, that attunements will need to be done in person for an initiate to be able to join Reiki Australia at Practitioner level, distance attunements allow for membership as a lay member only.  Attunement to Reiki 3 is required for membership at Master/Teacher level.

Kundalini Reiki

For people wanting a further level of initiation or attunement, I offer attunements or initiations to Kundalini Reiki. These are prepared ahead of time, and sent to the student energetically. This means there is no need for the teacher and the recipient to coordinate time, if the recipient is in another part of the country or the world and the recipient may take each attunement at their own leisure.


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