End of life Doula/Consultant

Death Doula Services

Death is inevitable in life.

It is how we journey the end of our lives that can determine how we die.

In my work as death doula, or end of life consultant, I will help you and your family negotiate a journey that is intense and that will bring up many emotions.

I will assist you by –

  • Creating a calm and peaceful environment
  • Providing you with information so you can make informed choices in negotiating the end of life
  • Assist with end of life planning and care
  • Spiritual and secular end of life rituals and ceremony
  • Assist in funeral services

Teach only love. For that is what you are. A Course in Miracles

The services I provide as end of life doula/consultant include:

  • Listening and keeping company
  • Assistance with end of life documents eg advanced care directives
  • Assist with writing life story and journalling
  • Create and facilitate ritual and ceremony
  • Giving support at the time of death
  • Accompany loved ones in sitting vigil
  • Supporting loved ones after death

My own journey

I first “met” death and dying, and grief and loss, after the diagnosis of one of my children with leukaemia. The recurrence of her illness five years later saw our family re-immersed in a cycle of deep grief.

While my daughter lived, we saw many children die, and I had the privilege of being able to walk with and support some of these families, both before and after the passing of their beloved child.

My life took a number of turns where I studied to become a clergy person, and finally ended up working in aged and dementia care. In both fields I met death and dying, through training and experience.

I have always seen the end of life, and death, as a sacred final journey.

One of the greatest privileges of my life was to sit with my father as he approached the end of his life, and to sit vigil with him for the first night after he passed at home.

In the last ten years I have worked in my own business as a spiritual healer and counsellor, Reiki therapist, meditation teacher and hypnotherapist.

Inner Gold represents that precious inner core we all carry within

It seemed inevitable that the work of a death doula would call me.

Fees (Student Doula)

  • Initial conversation by phone – free of charge
  • Hourly rate of $45 or available as a package of $800 for 20 hours
  • Spiritual healing – $75 (my usual fee of $90 per hour less 15%)
  • Travel – over 50 km (one way) – to be charged separately

I am available to people and families to the west of the Blue Mountains

Please contact me on –

Phone – 0422 175 093

Email – info@innergold.com.au