Inner Gold Healing

The wound is the place where the light enters you. Rumi

I have been a healer for just about 10 years. I am interested in all spiritual traditions and faiths, but I don’t label myself as anything in particular. My personal path is probably most aligned with Buddhism, and the wisdom writings of the Vedas

I am a healer of the spirit, and I work directly with Spirit (God, the Universe or Source)

My gift is that I can see how experiences or past trauma have left emotional and psychic energies that have got stuck, and how they cause emotional pain, lack of well-being and even physical illness

When I work with a client I see images from the past – in adulthood, childhood, in-utero and also past lives – that I begin to translate into words for the client

As all of this information becomes conscious for the client I am given visualisations that I guide the person through. These visualisations help bring healing because the unconscious mind will have a new inner story for the person to relate to, rather than repeating the old stories from the past

I work with the Light of Spirit by bringing it directly into the person’s body to clear and cleanse their bodies of old energy, and to heal

When someone first comes to see me I can see immediately when they are carrying a heavy load – they look weighed down, their eyes can be dark, their faces grey, and they can look older than they actually are

One of the most wonderful things for me when I work with a client is to see how different they are when they get up from the table – their face and eyes are filled with light, their faces look younger, their own spirit is shining through again, and they tell me they feel lighter, like a weight has lifted

I help people who have had enough

Enough of living with constant emotional, spiritual and psychic pain

Enough of the past interfering with the present

Enough of not knowing why life is hard, and why they can’t find any answers

I help people who are ready

Ready to have answers to what is preventing them from moving forward and getting on with life

Ready to begin to make sense of less than perfect relationships – from parents and siblings to our current families and current and past relationships

Ready to bring harmony into their lives by healing themselves

  • I have long experience in assisting people with safe activation of Kundalini  
  • I am skilled and experienced in removing entities and dark energies, some of which may have been active for lifetimes