Letting Go. Freedom. Peace

        We have all had those times when we have been hurt by other people. Sometimes the things that have hurt us have been intentional, at times not. Some years ago I was very hurt by a few colleagues in a job I had been in for about 7 years, it got to a point that I had to leave, I wasn’t able to work any longer Continue Reading

The light that shines in the eye

        The light that shines in the eye is really the light of the heart. The light that fills the heart is the light of God, which is pure and separate from the light of intellect and senses. Rumi   Synchronicity is wonderful, isn’t it? I went to the shops today to have a cup of Continue Reading

The Man in the Street and the Eyes of the Christ

  Twenty years ago I was a student at theological college. I was doing my degree so that I could become a minister in the church. Every year we were required to do a placement to broaden our field of ministry. For me it was also an opportunity to escape the holy halls of the building that housed the college. It wasn’t an old building. It Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Memories

During a long car journey with some family members a while ago the question came up of what job we had done that we are most proud of. I didn’t have to give it much thought, my answer – having my children, being a mum. Apart from the fact that our three kids are wonderful adults who have all found wonderful partners, one reason I have found this Continue Reading

To Meat or Not to Meat

  We read more and more often on the internet, and on Facebook, the countless recipes for well-being and optimal health. Countless diets – the Paleo, low-fat, high-fat, low-carb, high-carb. Some years ago it was the Atkins, and CSIRO and countless others. Vegan, vegetarian, protein, animal or vegetable. And I have tried some of them. The Continue Reading

Hope Or Despair?

I recently read some blogs by Oliver Burkeman, author and columnist for the British Guardian. Burkeman takes the unusual view, compared with new age thinking anyway, that there can be happiness in not thinking positively all the time. That negative thinking has its own rewards. In the aftermath of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airline flight Continue Reading

Anger & Shadow Work

Few weeks ago I had a reciprocal healing session with my friend, Saul. He uses a method called “chakra mapping” which reveals energy blockages in the chakras, what they are related to, and what we can do to clear them. Using a pendulum, Saul maps first the rear chakras on the back of the body, along the Governing Vessel, and then down the front Continue Reading