The light that shines in the eye






The light that shines in the eye

is really the light of the heart.

The light that fills the heart

is the light of God, which is pure

and separate from the light of

intellect and senses.



Synchronicity is wonderful, isn’t it?

I went to the shops today to have a cup of coffee and do some writing. My first choice of café had no spare tables, and my second choice was too full and too chaotic.

So I kept walking, thinking to myself – now what? And, what a waste of time, coming here. Then – I will have a quick swing around and window-shop, get the things I need for dinner tonight, and then, off home … I’ll have coffee and write at home instead.

In the first shop I went to, the salesperson complimented me on my crystal pendants – Malachite and Azurite – the intense greens and blues of the polished stones like bright islands against the chocolate-brown of my top; and we began to talk. I told her what I do and that I work a lot with crystals, and do hypnotherapy, she was very interested, and said – yes, I could see that you do that kind of work – and asked me for my card. She then confided in me that she is going through a difficult marriage breakup, causing her and her family a lot of anguish. We parted having spent a few meaningful moments together, connecting on some profound level that will stay with me for some time.

Next stop, a shoe shop – what better? After telling the young salesperson what I was looking for she showed me two pairs. No, I said, they look like old lady shoes to me (for those of you who don’t know me personally – I am an old lady to some, and certainly compared with many). She thought she had offended me, but I assured her my opinion is because I have a particular gauge for whether I am going to wear current fashions, especially if it falls into what might be the “vintage look” – the kind of fashion that younger women absolutely rock because they make it fresh and new, but when you are a bit older … meh. My gauge is simply this – if it has been around already in my lifetime, I don’t wear it, because it can look as if one has not been able to leave that decade behind – caught in a time-warp that is not becoming any longer. After falling about laughing for a few minutes – other shoppers scurrying out wondering what it was all about – we said goodbye, simultaneously, and wished each other a great-rest-of-the-day – simultaneously.

I left the shop without shoes, instead filled with such joy, at these meaningful moments with total strangers, that came to me so unexpectedly. My day was given such meaning and light by these women who were so gracious in their interactions with me, opening themselves up in a matter of a few minutes.

One woman sharing her pain with me, the other in a fit of giggles with me about the absurdity of life. And shoes.

Aren’t these moments precious? I may not see these women again, but they have left in me such a deep gratitude, a deep sense of blessing, and a deep sense of the rightness of our lives – if we just open ourselves up to the possibilities, the what-ifs, the maybe’s … if we just allow that crack in our armours to open just that little bit more for the light to shine through, and let our masks soften so that we see each other’s real self and allow us to connect, directly from our hearts, to see the divine in each other.

I am still smiling … …