Anger & Shadow Work

anger and shadow workFew weeks ago I had a reciprocal healing session with my friend, Saul. He uses a method called “chakra mapping” which reveals energy blockages in the chakras, what they are related to, and what we can do to clear them.

Using a pendulum, Saul maps first the rear chakras on the back of the body, along the Governing Vessel, and then down the front of the body.

Not surprisingly, I guess, I had some blockages related to anger. I say not surprisingly because I was brought up with the “A” word as one of the worst human failures one could have. It was a sin, it was having a demon inside one that needed to be got rid of.

So I pushed it down, and down and down. All the anger related to past hurts – misunderstandings, the loss of relationships, the loss of work and meaningful pursuits, abuse and betrayal … it goes on and on.

And I know I am not unique in this – we have all suffered hurt, and betrayal, we have all had life turn on us, so to speak, in profound and devastating ways.

In my own healing journey I have spent a lot of time clearing energies from the past – grief, pain, anger. As I have done this I have had to acknowledge and understand a lot of the emotion behind the energy. Without that understanding, and living the emotion, the energy has not been able to clear fully from my body.

Anger is one emotion that has been elusive to me – so suppressed, and because I have always disowned it, it has hung on, tighter and tighter. So much so that my body has carried the effects of that in a twisted spine (scoliosis and other curvatures) and tension all over my body.

Last night I spoke to the anger. I named it and welcomed it. I accepted it as a valuable and loved part of me. And as I did so, as it became conscious, my body started to release – cell by cell, vertebra by vertebra, the energy it had carried for so long. Slowly the energy flowed from my head down my body and through my legs. Slowly the energy grounded, and released its hold on my body – all because I had opened my arms in love and welcomed it.

In the alternative healing field, we work with Light – we call on Angels, Archangels, we invoke our Guides, and we clear and we clear. And all of that is good – clearing the unused, toxic or redundant energies of karma from our bodies and our souls is work we must do, it is our path to Ascension. But we must never forget our Shadow.

We must keep balance, acknowledge the Shadow as we invoke the Light, because the more light we create, the greater the Shadow that is created.

We can acknowledge the Shadow in very small ways – Jungian analyst Robert Johnston, in his various books on the Shadow, says even something as simple as taking out the garbage, or any task we don’t like, acknowledges the Shadow, and will prevent an accumulation of energy that can come out in negative ways. It is these small acts that can prevent us from developing the overload of energy in our bodies

Our task is not to create more and more Light so that the darkness might be dispelled, because it will not be dispelled. Our task is to help create balance in a world where both Light and Darkness exist.