Welcome To Inner Gold Healing

Inner Gold exists deep within our being as a part of ourselves that we may not wish to recognise, or acknowledge. Carl Jung called this our Shadow. Our Inner Gold is everything about us that is wonderful, and fear-inspiring and awe-inspiring … it is both the light and the dark side of our own inner moon, our Self. Inner Gold holds the true essence of our soul and our being. Inner Gold is both that which we adore about ourselves, and that which we abhor. Once we recognise our own Inner Gold and learn to accept it as an integral part of ourselves, we become whole. The name Inner Gold is borrowed from Dr Robert Johnson’s book of the same name.

  Mentor to aged care workers

Spiritual counselling

Reiki and hypnotherapy


Support and validation are critical in mental and physical wellness; they contribute to a happier workplace and improved work performance. My extensive background at various levels and areas in the aged care industry gives me a deep understanding of work requirements and needs in aged care facilities and in community settings.

I mentor aged care workers to help them stay healthy and strong in what is a rewarding though at times challenging and draining career using –

  • deep listening  
  • problem solving in the areas of workload, workplace culture, interpersonal matters, or common industry issues 
  • teaching mindfulness techniques to help maintain personal wellbeing 
  • teaching self healing and wellness tools to stay energised and connected

As a spiritual healer I use counselling and hypnotherapy to guide clients to emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness