Welcome To Inner Gold Healing

Inner Gold exists deep within our being as a part of ourselves that we may not wish to recognise, or acknowledge. Carl Jung called this our Shadow. Our Inner Gold is everything about us that is wonderful, and fear-inspiring and awe-inspiring … it is both the light and the dark side of our own inner moon, our Self. Inner Gold holds the true essence of our soul and our being. Inner Gold is both that which we adore about ourselves, and that which we abhor. Once we recognise our own Inner Gold and learn to accept it as an integral part of ourselves, we become whole. The name Inner Gold is borrowed from Dr Robert Johnson’s book of the same name.


Inner Gold Healing and Training

Energy and Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy

Inner Gold is a Reiki Australia Certified Clinic




Intuitively explore the energies that lie beneath the story of your life through –

  • Spiritual counselling
  • Intuitive spiritual and energetic healing
  • Freeing limitations and blocks – attracting your soul purpose
  • Safe release and integration of Kundalini energy



Kundalini is the life force contained within each of us that is released through meditation and a deep and determined seeking for spiritual truth. Kundalini is often described as a serpent that rises from the base of the spine, and in Biblical texts as tongues of fire over the heads of the first apostles in the early times of the Christian era.  Kundalini energy is portrayed as a halo over the heads of the Christ, the Madonna and Saints in iconography and art through the ages.  In the past Kundalini awakenings were much more rare than they are now, and it has often been documented that if the energy is not released in a controlled and mindful way it can be the cause of distress and even psychic disturbances.  Kundalini awakenings are known to me much more common now, though still now widely known of, meaning, you could be having an awakening and not understand what it is.  I am able to assist with the easeful and gentle awakening of this powerful energy.